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Thank you for purchasing a Rolux reel mower and a warm welcome to the Rolux family.

You are not just buying any reel mower, you are buying over 50 years of care, attention and love that goes into making every machine.

They are unashamedly designed & built in what is now called ‘the old-fashioned way’.  They are precision engineered and built using only best-in-class materials.

The Rolux X20 weighs in at 65Kg of muscle, and we do not apologize for using only 249grams of plastic.

Quite simply, this mower is #builtforlife

To get maximum satisfaction from your mower please read through our manual  and if you have any questions at all, please contact us on admin@rolux.co.za

Rolux X Reel Manual

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Rolux X Reel Manual

Rolux X Series Reel Mower


Discover the complete video series dedicated to the Rolux X Series Reel Mower, featuring an in-depth maintenance guide. Master the art of keeping your mower in pristine condition by watching every episode.

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My mower leaves a ragged finish
  • Cause: Reel not correctly adjusted. 
  • Remedy: Adjust the reel

  • Cause: Cutting blades blunt      
  • Remedy:  Sharpen blades
My engine will not start
  • Cause: Engine may be flooded
  • Remedy:  Leave for 10—15 minutes to allow the excess fuel to evaporate and try again.

  • Cause:  Spark plug lead not connected       
  • Remedy: Reconnect

  • Cause:  No oil
  • Remedy:  Add sufficient oil
My reel does not rotate
  • Cause: Incorrect adjustment – Reel set too tight against the bedknife
  • Remedy: Adjust the reel as outlined above.
Drum (rear rollers) does not engage
  • Cause: Incorrect adjustment of the clutch cable
  • Remedy: Increase tension of clutch cable by adjusting/tightening the nuts.
Reel cuts higher on the one side and lower at the other side
  • Cause: The alignment of the front roller is not parallel to the bedknife holder/mount.
  • Remedy: Adjust the front roller so it sits correctly in the bracket, ensuring that it is parallel to the bedknife holder/mount.
Poor collection of grass
  • Cause: Mowing in wet conditions
  • Remedy: Allow lawn to dry sufficiently before continuing to mow.

  • Cause: Deflector plate too high, throwing grass over
    the grass catcher.
  • Remedy: Adjust deflector plate to top setting
Excessive vibration / noise
  • Cause: Blade(s) or/and reel bearing damaged or coupling unbalanced
  • Remedy: Contact your local dealer